Sun’s eruptions are on their way to Earth


Immensely powerful waves of charged solar particles will be blasted towards planet Earth over the next couple of days. These solar flares are expected to toy with the Earth’s magnetic field, lighting up our skies with unique patterns, but also confusing an awful lot of our technology. 

This is a result of three “coronal mass ejections” – eruptions on the surface of the Sun caused by sudden releases of magnetic energy stored in its atmosphere. The third eruption is the strongest recorded since 2006.

It is thought that this could affect modern technology here on Earth: there is a danger that electrical power grids, communications systems and satellite signals may all be disrupted. So there is an outside risk of powercuts, blackouts, radio signals being lost, and the Sat-Nav in your car losing its sense of direction.

On a more positive and cheerful note, the Aurora Borealis (pictured above) are expected to occur far further South than usual, and may therefore be visible here in parts of the UK.

Full story: BBC News


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