This blog has changed!

You will have noticed that this blog has undergone a change of design, format, and name. “STARS” has become “UNBELIEVABLE!”

Why has it changed? Well, STARS Magazine was perhaps a misleading title – this is a blog that does not concentrate solely on space or astrophysics. The fact that I always seem to bring you “unusual” science news (i.e. science news that isn’t in the news!) made me think that a name such as “quirky” or “strange” science would be more appropriate. After much thought and agonizing over a snappy title, I decided upon UNBELIEVABLE!, for that is the reaction most readers will produce when they read the articles on this blog – whether it’s a mildly surpried mutter or an incredulous yell.

I’ve also dropped the word “Magazine” from the title. Magazines have regular features, puzzles, and interviews. This is now purely a blog of science news.

Hope you continue to enjoy this blog in its new format. Here’s to a future of bringing you cool, quirky, and extraordinary science news that is guaranteed to be UNBELIEVABLE!


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Physics person.

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