The internet was made for … Facebook, it seems

We covered a technology news story last week on this blog about Facebook and its new “instant personalisation” feature. Well, apologies if you can’t stand it, but Facebook has made the news again. However, this time, it’s for a different reason – one that will raise a few more eyebrows.

The “news” is simple: Facebook is now more popular than porn.

Well, that’s according to latest figures from online intelligence service Experian Hitwise. They have shown that, for UK internet users, social networking websites account for 12.46% of all online traffic, which eclipses “entertainment” websites (including pornographic ones), which only attract 12.18% of internet traffic. 

This is big news in the world of technology and computing, because it is the first time ever that “social networking” websites have officially become more popular than “entertainment” ones. 

These statistics say a lot about the way our habits, our lifestyle, and our culture are evolving. It not only demonstrates the unprecedented success of Facebook, but also suggests that people are starting to become more sociable, more civilised – and less degrading – in their online behaviour.

Or is it because people are now just using Facebook to leer and ogle at other people’s photos, rather than going to the bother of searching long and hard (no pun intended) across other websites to find something that will arouse them?

Full story: BBC Newsbeat


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