Men with long ring fingers are more attractive to the ladies, research suggests

Men with long ring fingers are officially more attractive than men with short ring fingers.

It seems weird that we can make such a judgement, but a new study has shown that a male’s “facial attractiveness” directly corresponds to the ratio between the length of his ring finger and his index finger – also known as the “2D:4D” ratio. Simply put: if your ring finger is much longer than your index finger, you should be – in theory – irresistable to women. 

Why should this be? Well, the length of the ring finger (and therefore the ratio) is all decided by hormones, and it all takes place before you are even born. Latest research from the University of Geneva suggests that a male fetus’s 2D:4D ratio will be determined by how much testosterone it is exposed to while its testes are developing.

Consequently, the longer a man’s ring finger, the more testosterone he has. This means he will be more “masculine”, produce better-quality sperm, and – according to the scientists – be more sexy. Study researcher Camille Ferdenzi said: “What we found was that 2D:4D ratio can predict face attractiveness. The more masculine the 2D:4D is, the more attractive is the face. The amount of sex hormones you are exposed to before birth contributes to how your face develops and how attractive it becomes.”

Full story: LiveScience


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