The app that helps you decide which bar to visit – by analysing all of its customers’ faces

Two hundred bars across the United States are set to install facial-recognition cameras at their entrances and exits. These cameras will be able to detect the gender of their customers, and keep a running tally of the men and women present at any given time.  

Why? It’s all part of an iPhone app called SceneTap. It is an app for people who are having a night out and want to know how busy each local bar is – and whether they are packed with guys or loaded with women. SceneTap uses the data collected from the cameras and produces a ratio of males:females for that particular bar. The user can then access this data to help them decide which bars are worth visiting.  

The makers of SceneTap have been quick to point out that the app can only tell you the gender of the people in the bar; it cannot tell you the name or identity of each visitor. And, perhaps frustratingly for anyone who was only planning on using this app to find a partner, the app cannot tell you the attractiveness or the relationship status of the people in the bar either.

Full story: Forbes


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